2016’s summary

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The last day of the year and it’s time to summarize everything that I had. This year I have a good starting point for making summary. I wrote a tweet with goals a year ago:


Now, a year later, I can take a look back and summarize this year up:

  • Entered in 2016 year disappointed - I was not allowed to enter the United States 🇺🇸.
  • I had started to write a handbook — 📖 bash-handbook. I’ve been really excited, when this handbook got 200⭐️. A few days after Jorge Bucaran shared a link to this book on Reddit. As a result, the book hit the tops of GitHub and got 2K⭐️ for two days (now it has about 2.6K⭐️). Translated to:
  • Proposed Terry Sahaidak to translate a book together. The choice fell on “Understanding ES6” by Nicholas C. Zakas. During the year, we tranlsated and published the chapter of our translation. Special thanks to Marianna and Sasha. Check out our translation.
  • Inspired by the success of bash-handbook I created an interactive workshopper - learnyoubash. Now it has 162⭐️.
  • Made a migration of my dotfiles to oh-my-zsh. I’ve made a significant and major upgrade with many steep pieces.
  • Created a ⭐️ 🚀 spaceship-zsh-theme — now it’s one of the most popular project by me. Now it has 236⭐️.
  • Made an utility for generating a short links using git.io: gitio-zsh
  • In Dec 31, Anton Shuvalov proposed me to take a lead on @jsunderhood — this is a collective twitter-accout for JavaScript-developers with a new author every week. I agreed. My week was from Dec 22 to Dec 28. It was amazing experience of communicating with a lot of developers: a steady stream of questions, discussions, debates, a lot of new material. The archive of my week: @denysdovhan
  • Organized NodeSchool Chernivtsi #2 workshop. There weren’t enough participants. Workshopper about Bash was extremely difficult for most of people.
  • Finally tried React in practice and wrote the first simple project.
  • Created a simple workshopper about Markdown — how-to-markdown. It was included in NodeSchool’s core-workshoppers and thanks for that I’ve been invited to workshopper organization later.
  • I started hanging out in dev-ua community.
  • Joined to 15×4 community. Loved this idea and decided to help. Later had a talk about how the Internet 🌍 works.
  • My parents started to build a house 🏡. Throughout, I worked in construction - a great relaxation after intellectual work.
  • In April, bought a MacBook Pro 13 " 💻🍎.
  • Visited 2 local meet–ups:
    • «IT Weekend» by SoftServe
    • «JSDay» by MobiDev
  • Created a simple site for NodeSchool Chernivtsi.
  • In June, joined the Node.js Foundation . I’ve been working as a part of nodejs-uk team. We were translating Node.js site to Ukrainian 🇺🇦. Now I am a team maintainer there.
  • I was interviewed by the local newspaper about my success with NodeSchool Chernivtsi.
  • I really wanted to get to the conference. People with dev-ua chipped in on my ticket 🎫 to OdessaJS - for me it was a nice unexpected gift 🎁: Imgur A huge thanks to:
  • I went to Odessa. Haven’t been at sea for 10 years. In a furious pace met a lot of awesome people:
  • Gathered many cool stickers for MacBook.
  • After returning from Odessa, I went to the camp 🏕. Slept in a sleeping bag, looked at the stars through the sight of a sniper rifle, fired from a bow/crossbow/gun, climbed the mountain 🏔.
  • Right from the camp went to her grandmother 👵🏻 in the village. I read books 📚, went through the fields 🌾.
  • Together with Denis Zavgorodny we have created Chernivtsi JS organization and undertook the organization of the first meet-up.
  • Organized the first ChernivtsiJS meet-up (20–30 people).
    • Eugene Obrezkov came to us with workshop about Node.js optimizations.
    • Traveled with Eugene to Khotyn 🏰 and Kam’yanets-Podil’skyy 🏰.
    • I had a talk about Promises and thenables.
  • In August, Ivan Lavriv proposed to make a NodeSchool Lviv workshop at LvivJS. Asked Terry Sahaidak and Serhiy Boreyko to be mentors at workshop.
  • At LvivJS I met with these awesome guys:
  • I was tired of freelance. Joined to ELOGIC as JavaScript Developer. I wanted to feel the atmosphere of the working at office.
  • Organized NodeSchool Chernivtsi #3
    • Found new sponsors and partners
    • Was on local TV
  • I helped to organize the dedication of first year students 👨🏻‍🎓 in my University. 2 days in mountains 🏔, in quite extreme environment with thunderous music and drunk and inadequate crowds of young students. I spent the whole evening in the arbor and talked with Renata.
  • In September–October I’ve been bruning out. Felt constant fatigue, weakness, nausea, had no appetite and taste. Felt mentally broken. Saw no purpose in life. Didn’t see goals in outlined future. Heavily suffered from loneliness. Here is a huge thanks for supporting to Ivan Akulov, Vladimir Starkov and Masha.
  • Received an offer from Eugene Obrezkov to speak at TechTalks meet-up in Kharkiv, but declined due to lack of time and mental problems.
  • In Oct 3 got an offer by Stanislav Termosa. He offered to give a talk at KharkivJS. I’ve decided to talk about JavaScript Shells 🦐🐚. I was added to speaker’s chat. The first thought I got after that was: “What have I forgot among these smart guys?”
  • Two-theree weeks and slides were done. Me and Serhiy Boreyko took this path: Chernivtsi — Kyiv — Kharkiv — Kyiv — Chernivtsi.
  • In the train to Kharkiv we saw Paul Miller. He was running in the train in mask of Guy Fawkes.
  • Had my first English talk for about half thousand people:
  • At KharkivJS I met these cool people:
  • After KharkivJS I talked with Paul Miller about my position at Hell Yeah LLC. As the result, I’ve joined the team in the end of November.
  • Organized NodeSchool Ternopil #1. Me, Serhiy Boreyko and Terry Sahaidak were mentors. Had an adventure, 'cause we were blocked in the city by snow 🌨. There was a transport collapse.
  • Organize ChernivtsiJS #2. Thanks to Aleksey Shvayka and Ivan Stetsenko for their talks.
  • I’ve just turned 20. That the first time I celebrated my birthday. Happy to saw my closest friend: Masha, Dasha, Renata, Alex, Serhiy and Terry.
  • In Dec 10 I had a talk at TernopilJS. I was worried for Serhiy Boreyko that wheezing and raved at night - he went sick. This talk was the last talk in this year:
  • I’ve got a nice habit: arriving in a new city, I buy the book there 📕.
  • Bought iPhone 6s 📱 (as a present to St. Nicholas day).
  • Closed session at the university with distinction 🎓.
  • Published a Ukrainian Typographic Keyboard ⌨️. That was my last project in 2016.
  • The only one problem that wasn’t solved in this year: to have a durable relationship 💑.

In numbers

  • 💔 no relationships
  • 👫 twice (three times?) fell in friendzone
  • 💵 wage increased in 6 times (from scholarships and donations for opensource to work in companies)
  • 🔄 1,749 contributions in the last year on GitHub (866 contributions in 2015)
  • ⭐️ +3К on GitHub
  • 🎫 4 conferences (3 talks)
  • 🎤 14 meet-ups (3 talks)
  • 🏛 7 cities
  • Twitter stats:
    • ✍🏻 2.5К tweets
    • 👁 646К tweets views
    • 🤓 40К profile views
    • 🔗 2.2К mentions

So, if we remind my tweet with goals, here’s a summary:

  • ✅ - Finally buy MacBook
  • ❌ - Find a girlfriend
  • ✅ - Make smth really awesome and open source
  • ✅ - Organise few meetups


Now, after all, I would be happy to say thank you for everyone who have supported me for this year. Thanks for everything. I’m glad that life gave me a chance to meet you all. I’m happy to work, talk, meet, relax, learn with you, because everything of that is a chance to make each other better people.

In addition to people I’ve mention before:

  • Thanks to Sasha for wonderful atmosphere around her!
  • Thanks to Artem Sapegin for awesome wallpapers on my desktop and responses to my tweets!
  • Thanks to Gosha Arinich, Artie Yavorsky, Volodymyr Stelmakh — glad work with you together at Hell Yeah LLC!
  • Thanks to ELOGIC team for experience I’ve got working with you!
  • Thanks to everyone who have contributed to my projects. Without your help they weren’t so cool!
  • Thanks to ChernivtsiJS team for helping with organizing events, especially: Andrew Kostetskyi and Andrew Komarnitskyi.
  • Thanks to Martin Heidegger for helping with workshopper framework and consulting about NodeSchool!
  • Everyone who bought a ticket for ChernivtsiJS or was attendee at my NodeSchool workshops!
  • Anyone else who was a part of this year in my life!

We did a lot of things together. Hope we will do even more in upcomming 2017 year 🎉🎊🍻!

P.S: Sorry, if I missed someone. Feel free to remind me!