45th week

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This post is an attempt to sum up all these things that happened last week in more public form. I mean, here are links for interesting things, funny gifs, my conclusions and other.

I’ve been writing this note every day for a week. So be ready to get back in to past:

2 November, Monday

Whole day I’ve lived according to the Pomodoro Technique.

The tweet of this day:

3 November, Tuesday

  • Applied theory of digital automatons
  • 1 chapters from “The Trial” by Franz Kafka
  • Twitter changed favorites to like
  • Difficult choice between Mocha and Tape for testing textr-cli. Mocha won.
  • Boilerplate for tests.
  • I’ve learned one cool trick with staff
  • Next NodeSchool Chernivtsi event will be all about NPM and RegExp.

4 November, Wednesday

5 November, Thursday

6 November, Friday

  • Playing on guitar
  • Add some tests for textr-cli, --locale features was implemented and covered by tests
  • Few Ruby lessons on Codecademy

7 November, Saturday

8 November, Sunday

Almost nothing matter.

  • Playing on guitar with @MalromD
  • 4 hours for making paper figure of Soarin from “My Little Pony” for my sister.

That’s it. Thank for your attention. I hope you’ve found something useful or interesting for you.