47th week

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Cool wiki-articles. Cool cover. Cool projects. Cool trip to Lviv. Take a look how I spent this week!

16 November, Monday

17 November, Tuesday

  • I feel worse, but still go to University.
  • Babel Plugin Handbook
  • My first watching of “Shawshank Redemption”.

18 November, Wednesday

19 November, Thursday

20 November, Friday

21 November, Saturday

Today I should had to act on the concert dedicated to 30 anniversary of the founding of the International Federation of Combat Hopak. The concert was scheduled for 18pm, so my day was like this:

  • The morning I met on the Lviv Railway station. The weather was terrible: rain and snow.
  • From 5am to 9am I was sleeping at the station. It seemed like I’m homeless (lol): Me at the Lviv Railway Station
  • Almost nothing from 9am to 12am.
  • I went for a walk around the downtown of Lviv, along with my team.
  • Finaly, I went to Lviv High Castle. The landscape from there is amazing, despite the fog and rain: Lviv High Castle
  • From 18pm to 23pm were celebrations and after that we’ve gone to the “Communa” at Square Rynok. It started to rain:
  • We were waiting for the train at 5am, so I fell asleep:

22 November, Sunday

  • I woke up at 4am. It was very cold. We got a taxi to the Railway station, boarded the train and headed home.
  • In the train I fell asleep again.
  • We got home around 12am.
  • As soon as I’ve got home, I fell asleep, because sleeping in the train is nightmare.
  • After all, I went back to my small projects.
  • Release [email protected]
  • 5 commits to md-typographer.
  • Pull requests:

Thank you for your attention! Have a fun!