bash-handbook got 200 ★’s on GitHub

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UPD: It’s hard to believe, but now bash-handbook has more than 2000 stars! And it’s still growing up!

About month ago, in New Year night, I started to write my first handbook — the bash-handbook.

To be honest, I wrote this book for myself so as to not forget the bash basics and summarize my experience of writing shell scripts. I was trying to publish new chapters every few days. So now, a month later, bash-handbook gets 200 ★’s on GitHub and it shows me that my efforts wasn’t in vain:

200 ★’s

I’m very grateful to Jorge Bucaran and Andrey Polischuk. Jorge have corrected my grammar mistakes, since I’m not native English speaker and thanks for Andrey bash-handbook now has awesome update notifier:

Update notifier

Thanks everyone, who think it’s useful and everyone, who have made this book better!

P.S: I’m gonna use this book in next NodeSchool Chernivtsi meet-up, so currently I’m working on learnyoubash interactive workshopper, which will be based on this book. Click «Watching» to keep in touch.