NodeSchool Chernivtsi #1

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Hi, everyone! Yesterday, we had our first NodeSchool event in Chernivtsi and it was amazing! I this post I’m gonna tell you about this…


Preparation this event was continuing for 4 weeks. I should say that these weeks were spent not for nothing. We’ve got nice stickers:

Thanks for Chernivtsi National University we’ve got place, projector and Wi-Fi hot-spots.


At first event, members were passing two main workshops:

I am pleased that the community is very gladly accepted our idea. Just for node, we’ve planned first event for 20–30 members, but came more than a hundred!


And also, I just leave here a few photos from event ;)



On working


P.S: When I said “we”, I mean cool guys who helped me to host this event: Andrew Komarnitskyi, Andrew Kostetskyi and Denis Zavgorodny. You’re awesome!