NodeSchool Chernivtsi #2

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A week ago we had our second NodeSchool event in Chernivtsi! In this post I’m gonna tell you how it was, what was better and what was worse.


At the first event we’d noticed that most of people really don’t know how to work with terminal. Actually, this is a big problem, because terminal is one of the most important things in development. That’s why we’d decided that our next event will be all about terminal and tools.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any workshopper about terminal or shell. I had started to build a one, based on my bash-handbook. The building of this workshopper had taken about a week, and then the first version was released:

Another one workshopper was a regex-adventure.


NodeSchool #2

The second event were not so popular than previous one. I have no idea why, but there were about 40–50 people. Partially, it was even better, because it was very comfortable and relaxed to members.

I’m very grateful to everyone who had come. I hope you spent your time with benefits for you. Se you soon on the next event!