NodeSchool Chernivtsi #3

Yesterday we had third NodeSchool event in Chernivtsi! So it’s time to summary up everything.

Blackboxing in Chrome DevTools

Curently, I’m working on simple React/Redux application. I have Webpack bundler with hot reloading and some dependencies. At this point, debugging of this application became a little bit hard to understand.

How do you organize your npm-scripts?

Many people say that gulp, grunt and other build systems are overkills and we should just use simple npm-scripts. That’s reasonable, but there is a problem of organizing npm-scripts.

Why I use Atom instead of X

Many people ask me: “Why do you prefer Atom instead of Sublime Text? Why did you switch your primary text editor?” And I have to explain these reasons, again and again, every time. That’s why I’m writing this post.

NodeSchool Chernivtsi #2

A week ago we had our second NodeSchool event in Chernivtsi! In this post I’m gonna tell you how it was, what was better and what was worse.