NodeSchool Chernivtsi #3

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Yesterday we had third NodeSchool event in Chernivtsi! So it’s time to summary up everything.


Now we decided to make workshop about basics of JavaScript and prototype model. I proposed to add stream-adventure workshopper, but other mentors thought it would be too much. Well at this time we were gonna do these two workshoppers:

Besides, we’ve got a cool partner — Bukovyna Innovative Technology Cluster or just Cbit. We agreed to be information partners. Thank you, guys, for sharing our event!

My company, ELOGIC Commerce provided financial support. Special thanks for Paul Okhrem.

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) gave us a good place for our event.


Serhiy Boreyko have talked about “History of JavaScript”. Slides: slides-javascript

Denis Zavgorodny have a talk “The Basics of Prototype Inheritance”. Slides: prototype-slides


Here was a problem. Our photographer has force majeure circumstances, so there will not be photos from event :(

But, there are some photos from social networks:

I’ve also collected photos and published them as Imgur album:


That was the first event when we ask people to fill the feedback form. We received a lot of positive responses. In short:

  • About 80% people rated our event as good and amazing.
  • The next event, apparently, will be all about ES2015.
  • The complexity of the material is OK.

The full report is available here: NodeSchool #3 Feedback.pdf


I’m very grateful to everyone who had come. I hope you spent your time with benefits for you. Se you soon on the next event!