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Welcome to my Smart Home!


Living Room



Living Room

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This is my personal Home Assistant configuration, awakening my home with automations. I hope this will help you inspire on the way to built your own smart home.

Beware of changes

I constantly improve my home. It evolves as I add new devices and services. It's changing as my daily routines are changing.

Please, keep in mind this documentation might be outdated in covering some details. However, I'll try my best to keep this updated.

The best way to discover new ideas and inspire is by reading the code, copying-pasting parts of my configuration and adjusting it to your needs.

Read this documentation to see the bigger picture:

Hardware Software Home Assistant Resources

What's inside?

My home setup for those who are too lazy to read everything:


I write this documentation for two main reasons:

  1. To keep track of growing my smart home. To maintain an understanding of how things are working.
  2. To help other enthusiasts inspire. People often ask about my smart home setup. Now I can give them a link to this documentation, instead of explaining everything once again.


I'm renting my apartment. My landlord handles fixing stuff in my home, covering all the expenses. The only downside is that I can't change anything in my home.

I can't disassemble anything and use custom switches or sockets. It means I can change only easily accessible parts, like bulbs.

Future Plans

I have a public Notion board with ideas and tasks for my smart home. You can follow and comment my plans there.

See future plans


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