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Custom Extensions

Home Assistant has a lot of integrations, but sometimes it's not enough. Fortunately, Home Assistant provides a way to add external integrations.

Below you will find integrations and Lovelace cards developed by me and by other smart-home enthusiasts.

I use HACS for managing my third-party integrations and cards.

Developed by Me

Sometimes even extensions provided by HACS are not enough, so I had to develop some extensions by myself.

Lovelace Cards


By default, Home Assistant does not provide any card for controlling vacuum cleaners. This card displays the state and allows you to control your robot.



As for vacuums, Home Assistant doesn't provide any card for controlling air purifiers either. This card displays the state and allows to control your air purifier.


Third party

Here's a list of extensions developed by other developers.

Lovelace Cards

  • mini-media-player — The default one looks not so elegant and has way fewer options to display.
  • mini-graph-card — This one has a ton of different options. The killer feature for me: the ability to animate and display multiple graphs.
  • mini-humidifier — Simple and minimalistic. Default humidifier card allows displaying humidifiers only from humidifier domain, whereas my humidifier is available under fan domain. I don't actually like this card and plan to make my own to match the design of vacuum and purifier cards.
  • lovelace-xiaomi-vacuum-map-card — This card enables you to specify a target or start a zoned cleanup using a live or static map, just like in Xiaomi Home app. Additionally you can define a list of zones and choose the ones to be cleaned.
  • state-switch — This card is like a usual conditional card, but allows to make conditions based on the current user. I used this only to display appropriate Spotify player in Lovelace.
  • bar-card — This card is design to display progress bars.
  • transmission-card — This card is for displaying controls over Transmission torrent client.


  • HACS (Home Assistant Community Store) — A store for easier management of custom_components.
  • Xiaomi Cloud Map Extractor — This custom integration provides a way to present a live view of a map for a Xiaomi (and Roborock) vacuums.
  • Adaptive Lighting — Adaptive Lighting slowly synchronizes your color-changing lights with the regular naturally occurring color temperature of the sky throughout the day. This gives your environment a more natural feel, with cooler hues during the midday and warmer tints near twilight and dawn. Built-in flux integration is very limited and bold.
  • Car Wash — This component checks the weather forecast for several days in advance and concludes whether it is worth washing the car now.
  • Snowtire — This component checks the weather forecast for several days in advance and concludes whether it is time to change car tires from summer to winter and vice versa.
  • Powercalc — This component calculates estimated power consumption of lights and other appliances. This allows to make use of Energy dashboard even when you don't have smart electricity meters.
  • Presence Simulation — This component looks for history of devices and simulates the history with a random shift. Very useful to simulate presence at home when we are away.