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I do most of the interactions with my smart home using my voice. This page describes my voice control setup.

Home Speakers

None of the existing smart speakers supports the Ukrainian language (my native and primary language). I used English (US) for my devices.

I have two Google smart speakers. I've decided to go with Google because Google Assistant is smart enough and well-integrated with different accessories.

We use these speakers all the time, mostly asking to turn devices, activate scenes, start or stop vacuum, set timers or reminders. Besides, lack of Ukrainian language support, I'm pretty happy with these speakers. Sometimes I need to repeat my command twice for the speaker to pick up, but I consider it acceptable.

I got this one as a gift for New Year 2020.


This one I got as a gift for my birthday.


Text to Speech

I wanted to receive voice announcements for my smart home in Ukrainian. Fortunately, Google Translate TTS supports voice generation for the Ukrainian language.

  - platform: google_translate
    service_name: google_say
    language: uk # Ukrainian
    base_url: !secret external_url

This will generate phrases and send them to any speaker to play.


I built a nice announcements script for myself. I use it like this:

service: script.announcement
  # Speak on smart speakers
  speak: true
  # Send notifications on devices
  notify: true
  # Title for notification
  title: 'Миття авто 🚘☀️'
  # Opening phrases
    - 'Найближчими днями очікується хороша погода.'
    - 'Хороша погода найближчі 7 днів.'
    - 'Прогнозується хороша погода!'
  # Main phrases
    - 'Доречно помити машину.'
    - 'Варто поїхати на автомийку.'
    - 'Вдалий час, щоб помити авто.'
  # Additional data for notifications
  # Categories or page to open on notification opening
    url: /lovelace/car

This script will generate a unique announcement using random phrases from greetings and messages.

The generated phrase will be spoken on smart speakers and sent as a notification to the phones. I can avoid speaking or notifying via speak and notify flags accordingly.

notify_data helps to pass notification categories for actionable notifications or url to open when I click on this notification.

Speech Scripts

Do Not Disturb Flow

It would be annoying to get a speech announcement in the middle of the night or a working meeting. That's why I built Do Not Disturb mode.

Do Not Disturb is just automation that:

  • Sets the volume of smarts speakers
  • Turns on/off silence modes for fans
  • Turns on/off led indicators
  • Stops/starts voice announcements

… based on the current time of day (sleeping or activity time) and a switch, I can toggle whenever I want.

Do Not Disturb Automations